Jeff Herschy and Zach Anderson – Customers From A Far

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Jeff Herschy and Zach Anderson – Customers From A Far

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Jeff Herschy and Zach Anderson – Customers From A Far

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Week 1

In Week One we cover the high level, 30 Thousand Foot View of how you close a customer from afar.

  • Starting your digital agency/business (perfect for newbies!)
  • Determine what niche or niches you are going to target
  • Service packages, what are you going to offer that niche
  • Who is fulfilling the packages for us, and you
  • Service package pricing
  • What do you have to charge to make a profit now – and in the future!

Week 2

In Week Two we discuss what your end goal is going to be and how to properly target and engage with your prospects.

  • The true initial goal with a new prospect
  • Creating your Sales Bait and initial offer options to engage new prospects
    • Lead Magnet
    • Case Study
    • Software Demo
    • Marketing Consultation
    • TripWire
  • Setting up your online Booking system
  • Set up your sales medium for closing clients in real time

Week 3

In Week Three we give you the EXACT funnels we use in our businesses, the services we offer, real world presentations we give and our proposals that we use… PLUS

  • How to create your own VLS, lead magnet or case study (or copy ours)
  • The simple trick to creating a landing page for your VLS, lead magnet, case study, TripWire, or software demo opt-in that hooks your prospect and keeps them engaged
  • Our exact email follow up sequence for opt ins that you can swipe and put to use immediately
  • How to properly outline your presentation based on the services you offer
  • The simple yet powerful proposal we use that is easy to understand and closes deals fast
  • Our secret follow up sequence once you have sent out the proposal

Week 4

In Week Four reveal our TOP TIER TRAFFIC SOURCES

  • Our Internal Secrets to contacting prospects via LinkedIn and engaging them
  • The battle tested “foot in the door” lead generation software we use that tickles interest and gets initial replies/responses from potential customers in hours (if not minutes!)
  • Our proven Facebook campaigns that place your top of funnel offer in front of new prospects
  • The EXACT retargeting ads to use to send them back to the top of your funne

Get Jeff Herschy and Zach Anderson – Customers From A Far right now!

Week 5

Week Five is all about On-Boarding, setting your customers up and servicing them, including:

  • How we on-board new customer to prevent a backlog of new customers and workd
  • Setting the expectation early and when to charge the customer the initial setup fee
  • Our exact intake forms, welcome email, and 8 [art sequence for gathering information to start
  • How to properly organize each client and their information and the tools we use to do it
  • The 4 week fulfillment roadmap and services used internally for our own clients
  • The 12 month servicing plan (months 2- 5 and 6-12) to consistently add value and show results
  • How we find, train, and optimize our own overseas outsource team

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